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I would like to know how many of you responders

Keith Newton
Have ever tried anything other than a saw blade for this task? Please respond if you have, but then went BACK to a saw blade because you thought it easier or better?
First, I’d like to point out that every saw blade I’ve ever seen had a point geometry for cutting on top, with a sharpness angle on the side of the teeth of near 90*, maybe 85*. Think about using a chisel with that wide an angle. I think a straight screw driver would work equally well.
When the old Sears Craftsman molding cutter with 3 blades 1” wide is tilted over to 20-30*, and the board is fed Diagonally across There is about 3/4” of the top of those 3 blades with a decent sharpness angle, doing an easy shearing cut diagonally across the grain, producing nice big flakes.

It only takes two passes to remove almost all of the waste on maybe a 3” cove, with one more skim cut to produce a clean face that doesn’t require nearly as much sanding as a saw blade leaves.

It’s best if the top, or highest point of the tilted edge is rounded over rather than a sharp corner. These blades are easy to re-grind. I use a spray machinest dye, with a little piece of Tough plastic packing Cut for a pattern then scratched with an awl then grind to The mark, then sharpen.

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