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OT - Silky Hayauchi 16' pole saw review

Bought the 16' Silky Hayauchi.
Bought this at the recommendation of the CSR from the US Rep of Silky.
Supposed to be better for cutting dead tree limbs but would also work w/ live tree limbs.

Assembly - you put the saw blade on the handle. Easy :b
Extension - slides in and out relatively easily. Has two ball detents to lock the poles as well as two clamp locks. So you can lock it at full extension for either extension or any distance.

My wife cut through a 2" or so dead poplar branch w/ only a few strokes.
I cut through several 4" or so oak branches w/ a few more.
Cuts evenly on the pull stroke.

I don't know if I would feel too comfortable w/ a longer pole. The 16' pole was at full extension up at the branch I was cutting and that was okay. IDK about going to 21' - that would be a bit ungainly for me.

It really cuts well. A worthwhile addition. If you feel you could handle greater than a 16' - they do make a 21'. I am relatively happy w/ my 16'.

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