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How do you ship things? ()

Barry Irby
I can sympathize. At a recent freight auction I bought a huge stuffed dog and then shipped it to my grandson. From VA to SC. I spent $10 on the dog and $60 on shipping. The box was 30" X 22" X 22". Only weighed 9 pounds, so it was all about the cubic inches. FedEx. I expected the shipping to be closer to $30. It was worth it. What are Grand Dads for?

You can also try U-Ship. They bid in reverse, lower and lower, on the job. They prefer to ship to commercial addresses. These people are sort of the UBER or Lyft of the shipping world, but lately we have noticed the big freight companies have horned in on their gig. Check their ratings, you might want to pay more for someone with five stars than someone with two.

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