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OT Question on Ice In door Fridges?

Barry Irby
For those of you familiar with Ice in Door fridges....How reliable is yours? Do you have to defrost it occasionally or otherwise do maintenance to keep it producing?

I have a Samsung with a freezer drawer on the bottom and the Icemaker in the fridge with a dispenser through the door. It frosts up and stops working. Clogs itself up and stops dropping ice. Early in the process I pull the ice bin and knock the stuck ice loose. Finally I use a steamer to defrost it and it goes back to work for a month to may three months.

Is this fairly normal? I have had an icemaker for many years but this is the first one with the dispenser in the door. The others were completely reliable, just reach in, get some ice and move on. On line I find lots of complaints about Samsung. Are other brands similarly crappy. (Samsung has made three repair kits that cost up to $800, I call BS on that.)

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