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You know you may be getting old when,

Keith Newton
Things you made in your early career find their way back to you for refinishing.

I got a call from and just met with an old friend who manages the gift shop down at the Clinton Library. She had called me to see if I would come look at a desk that needed some finish work which they brought down from Chappaqua NY where they live. Neither she nor the chief of staff knew I was the maker. Turns out it was the desk I made for Hillary in 1988 when Bill was Governor of AR. When they left LR for the White House, the designer who chose the furnishings, wall colors, curtains, curtains and such didn't work it into the WH decor, so I failed to get that career boost like Sam Maloof. Now Bill wants to use it in their space upstairs. Of course I’ll be taking that small job. Ha ha, Maybe call it fate, but funny how things happen.

I'll post some pics when I get it back and can shoot it with digital camera.

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