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Struggling with Leigh Dovetail Jig...Questions

Barry Irby
I have a Leigh dovetail jig (maybe a D4 24" wide. I use it just often enough to be bad at it.

Recently I used it to cut half blind dovetails in the carcass of the giant 7' long oak cabinet I am making for my son. Now I am making the drawers out of 5/8" Baltic Birch plywood. I thought the set up was close enough to make the drawers without any changes. The DT's in the oak were a little loose. In the plywood they are too tight. So, now I am back to fiddling with the set up. Not getting clean cuts.

I suspect the bit has too many miles on it. Tried honing it. It's a Leigh carbide bit.

I have a bunch of other dovetail bits. Anyone tried substituting a different brand of bit?

I have turned this into a head scratcher. My dyslexia or dysgraphia has kicked in and I am flummoxed.

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