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Plans/kits for kids

Paul Woolson
Hi all! We have some friends who are kind of struggling with their two “on the spectrum” children (6 year old boy and 8year old girl) during these new and challenging times. Mom is a former teacher so they have a very structured day, but they still struggle with attention issues.
That said, I offered my services as a shop class. Because attention and focus are an issue, I’m thinking once or twice per week for just an hour or so. But I have no idea what to make. I don’t think they would get much out of anything that takes imagination play with , I.E. a wooden truck or bird house,etc. But would probably do well with action toys, I.e. a rubber band powered dragster or a catapult. Gender specific projects aren’t important as they are really just “kids” and not a girly girl and a boy-y boy.
So I’m looking for ideas, any ideas. I can see it as a semester long project or as a one or two class per project. I’m fine making “kits” that they can assemble. Any plans out there?
No idea is too big, or too small or stupid (well, unless it’s a stupid idea 😀)
Thanks in advance!

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