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Re: OT Are electric power washers a waste of money

David Weaver
i'm on my second and a half.

Years ago, I had a cheap yellow version from the internet. It would get hot and slow down, which let you know that you should stop. One day, I pushed it to keep going (in a bad mood) and it froze/seized and never worked again.

The amount of time in use to get to that point was probably about 2 hours.

Fast forward, last year, I got a one of the ryobi small power washers (1612 or something like that), but refurbished. The hose and gun lasted about...

...2 hours.. maybe 4. I considered throwing it out, but kept the main part of the power washer as it's only twice as big as a lunch box.

another refurbished version came across ebay and it was cheap so I bought it - when it arrived, the hose was cracked, and when I returned it, the seller claimed that I switched the hose. That was a turn off - ebay gave me a "courtesy refund", but I was hoping they'd stick it to the fraud seller.

As a last ditch - I bought a replacement gun and hose off of amazon. The cheapest one that I could find was rated for more than double the pressure of my unit. When it arrived, it was an eye opener - the quality of the hose and the gun ($50) is so far beyond what ryobi puts on a $130 washer that it's silly.

Time will tell how it holds up.

I think if you're going to use one of these a lot, you might want to go to a real lawn or outdoor store and find something that they'll back. Anything less, and I'd bet half of the unit is good enough to hold up and the other half is probably not.

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