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Wiley Horne
Hi CJ and all,

Here are some photos of a Gerstner Model 52. This unit is relatively newer, but still made in Dayton (not an ‘international’ model).

Photos are in an album. See captions in small print🙂:

A few notes:

1. In front view, there is almost no visible seam where door bottom meets carcase.

2. Door thickness = 7/16+ 1/32
3. Door, pivot pin setback = 1/4 + 1/32 (critical dimension)
4. Hinge plate in carcase, channel = 3/16 wide, lower edge located 3/8 off the floor.
5. Door side clearance, by feeler gauge, door is 0.062” less wide than carcase inside width. Critical dimension, because door has to be snaked into the channels after the carcase is finished. May have to file right-side pin. See bideo at Gerstner site on door removal and replacement.

Be glad to supply further photos and dimensions! I have a considerably older Gerstner, if you want a double check on something.


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