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Steve Elliott
The jig Blum sells for boring holes in the back of the drawer box is pricey but for a production shop that uses these slides a lot it's worth it.

Without the jig all you need to do is turn the drawer box upside down, jam the projections on the slides into the drawer back enough to mark the centers of the holes they will go into, and bore with the right size bit. Be careful not to bore too deep or it will show inside the drawer.

Right now I can't remember the diameter of the bit but anything close will work. It's 8mm or something and you can just use the nearest fractional bit you have. A brad point bit is a little easier to keep from wandering but the hole doesn't need a flat bottom and it doesn't have to be tidy because it won't show when the drawer is in use.

Attaching the orange clips at the front of the drawer may take a little finesse. There are screws that go into the front of the drawer box at a little bit of an angle. Depending on the size of your drill motor you may need a bit for the pilot holes that is longer than a standard drill bit. For my drill motor I can just chuck up a regular bit so it's barely in the chuck and it will reach far enough. I need pilot holes because I use Accuride pan head screws and a drawer box out of maple or birch. The screws can split the wood without a pilot hole but they hold really well.

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