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Blum Slides

Steve Elliott
I've been using these slides for about 20 years because customers really like them. With the number out there I'm sure replacement slides will be available when needed.

The two most important dimensions are the outside length of the drawer box, 15" in your case, and the INSIDE width of the drawer box. The slides mount to the inside surfaces of the sides, below the drawer bottom. The bottom needs to be higher than usual above the bottom of the drawer sides, leaving a 1/2" space for the Blum slides.

The inside dimension of the drawer box should be 42 mm (1-5/8+ inches) less than the inside dimension of the cabinet opening. Hitting this exactly isn't necessary because the slides are more forgiving of variation in width that side-mount slides are.

There's a part of the slide that sticks out behind the drawer box, I don't remember just how far but it's about 3/4 of an inch. An opening that is the right depth for a 16" side-mount slide should work for a 15" Blum undermount.

When you get to the point of installing them I'd be glad to give you any tips you might need.

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