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Re: Blum Under mount Drawer slides Questions

Barry Irby
The cabinet is 18" deep and 20 1/4" tall, so there will be four drawers 5" tall. The fronts will take up 1/2 to 3/4" and the back about 1/2" So a 16" runner would have been nice but I have ordered 15" and they will be fine. I was planning on making the drawer boxes out of Baltic Birch because my son thinks it's cool and I have some that is whatever passes for 1/2". I have printed out the instructions and am studying them. Went on the internet shopping for the slides. One place had a good price but only one left. I broke down and bought them from Rockler because they sell them in kits and I don't have to buy all the bits and pieces separately.

Blum doesn't make it easy. Way too many permutations and combinations. Full extension or not, about four different weight categories soft close or not. And more. Sheesh.

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