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Re: Blum Under mount Drawer slides Questions

Barry Irby
I am thinking or the Blum ones that have Blumotion perhaps the 562H series.

This part of the problem. the Blum slides come in a bewildering array of choices and I am easily bewildered.

Apparently they only come in 21", 18" and 15" and then some shorter ones. I would like to have 16" ones but it appears they are not manufactured in that length.

I am really struggling with this. These seem to sell for about $35 to $38 where as the side mount ones with the soft close feature are about half that. I only need four pairs so paying double is not really a problem, but I suspect these have a shorter life expectancy. The type that side mount and are 1/2" thick have been around for about fifty years and it appears they may be around for the next fifty, so if some of them crap out my son could easily replace them. I'm just not sure about these others. But, the customer is the customer.

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