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Hard Maple for new Workbench

Brian gunsmith From colorado
As I transition from gunsmith to retirement, I am starting to build a cabinetmakers workbench.
My ultimate bench (or perhaps penultimate bench).
So far the plans are for final dimensions of 6'6" by 24" by 4 inch thick hard maple.
As I look at it on the far left the leg vise (benchcrafted leg vise with x brace) will anchor that end.
The other end will be a lie Nielsen tail vise.

Problem I have is that locally I have not found enough hard maple to do the top.
I have enough to do the legs. I am on the 2nd iteration of design. The first used a premade 2 1/4 inch top. I don't like that now.

Question does anyone know sources in this area, Monument, Colorado where I could find more hard maple S2S at 8/4 thickness. I have been to CO Lumber and Woodcraft and they don't have enough and/or cost too much.
2nd question is can hard maple 8/4 thickness be successfully finger jointed end to end to make individual boards 7' long by 4" by 8/4 that I can sister between two solid pieces. Obviously aligning the bit so the pieces fit properly will be key. My goal would be to buy say 8 solid pieces and glue up the remainder. Giving a total of 12 pieces.

I am aiming towards several glueups. 4 each of 3 boards. Then glue pairs of those together and then the final glue up. The first glueups are aimed at being 6 inches wide or less so I can flatten them on my 6 inch jointer. I have many Bessey k-body clamps and other clamps.

I am planning on using titebond glue for the glueups.

What am I missing if anything?

Thanks in advance.

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