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Dewalt Benchtop Planer

John Foster
My old Delta benchtop planer died, and I am looking for a replacement. The Dewalts seem to be the preferred choice. For the amount I use it, the 734 is probably adequate, has anyone ever purchased a 734 and afterwards wished they had purchased a 735?

There are older American made Deltas , Canadian made Generals and some smaller SCMs out there, if they are in poor shape the price is not bad, but they would need a lot of work; if they are in good shape people want a ton of money for them.

I sort of see the Dewalts as the missing link between throwaway machines and the better cast iron commercial ones. Agree, disagree, should I be looking at other brands
? I also sometimes think that my Delta which was the bottom of their line when I bought it lasted 17 years, if I got that out of another low cost unit I would be happy too.



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