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John in NM
I use lacquer thinner and a brush card, followed by dish soap and warm water to revive brushes stiff with residual paint. I've mostly used it on latex paint because that is what my wife uses. When I use oil paint on machinery or something like that I use disposable brushes (any good brushes I had are long since gone after being used with latex and left in the fridge :D ).

Back when I had good oil brushes, they never got to the point of needing the lacquer thinner treatment, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

The wash with soap and water after several rinses with either water or mineral spirits is the thing I found removes the residual paint and prevents stiffening. For natural bristle brushes I used to follow the soap and water with some alcohol to remove the water, but I never discovered if that helped or not (don't want the china bristle brushes getting split ends after all :D )

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