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more on the role of glue
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Cyanoacrylate, a chemist would know by its "ate" name) is an ester of acrylic acid. The glue we use is the ethyl ester. It is an irritant to flesh. Some other ester (butyl?) is used for the medical glue that was developed to be less of an irritant.

It's role is to stick the wound together until the body starts the permanent sticking. The glue breaks down into small molecule pieces and gets peed away in just the right amount of time.

This procedure was developed during Vietnam war to temporary stick battle wounds. Unsure if it would have been discovered/approved without this urgent need. I don't know who got the idea. It was not Kodak, the adhesive inventor and manufacturer. I helped explore some applications but they all failed.

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