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OT: Zero Turn Mower

Chuck Bjorgen
We’re at the stage with our lawn care equipment that it is is ready to be retired. Our 40-year-old push mower died 10 days ago. This was used by my son to trim around our back yard cedar fence and flower bed edges after which I complete the mowing with my 25-year-old Craftsman tractor. We refer to that as “cutting in.” We are considering a zero turn mower hoping that it will replace the functions of both our two ancient machines. In addition to grass cutting, I also use the tractor with its grass catcher to pick up leaves that come down in the fall.

I’m asking anyone here if the zero turn idea will indeed replace the functions of our old machines. My property is mostly level although it does have some tricky slopes. We’d like to continue using a bagger to pick up leaves in the fall. To be clear, we’d prefer not to buy another push mower. So, I’d welcome your thoughts, especially from anyone who has made this kind of purchase.

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