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Straightening a bark edge *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I sawed an ash from on the farm that died from the borer. I am considering using a plank from it for the desk top (we'll see how it looks). I was unsure any of the wormy boards would be used so I quickly just sawed it through without edging.

The problem: how to straighten a bark edge?

Before I provide the surprisingly easy solution, a word about safety. This technique should only be considered for a piece of wood of considerable mass and length and only with the blade shown.

I marked a straight line down the edge and fee hand ripped it on the table saw

with a blade used in a Skill saw.

It ripped true with barely detectable cutting resistance, a critical factor to ensure control.

I have been using this cheap blade in the table saw for much of my work lately. It rips effortlessly with a cut roughness easily removed by a light pass on the jointer. It splinters on exit from cross cut but for many cross cuts this cut quality is satisfactory. It makes little noise, little dust, and barely any cutting resistance which leads to secure control of cuts. Anyone bold enough to try this blade will be convinced of its utility for most table saw needs.

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