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Oscillating spindle sander

John in NM
I got my OSS fixed over the weekend, very happy about that. I've been making do with the little Rigid version from HD for years, but bought a used Max about 3 years ago, which promptly failed after an hour or so.

Turns out that was my fault :D It came without a plug (and I did not overlap with the seller, a friend in the town where it was stored it for me to pick up later). So I put a 110 VAC plug on it to see if it worked, and it did, so I figured 110 was it. Turns out motor was wired 220 VAC! Only found that out when taking it apart to see if the start cap had failed. I fixed the motor but bought a new one to install in the sander, it's a bit of a pain to get to :D

Having one of the little ones, I have a huge box of sleeves on hand, and they are half the length of the sleeves the big sander uses. So I decided to try something:

Fine on top, coarse on bottom. Works ok for the kind of shaping I do. Man this thing is quieter than the Rigid! Going to have to figure out a replacement for the Rigid's belt function though, I've found that to be surprisingly useful.

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