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Doors for console questions

Barry Irby
Getting back to working of the console for my son. 7' long about 2' tall or less, maybe 22" with the typical splayed legs. It will have a bay of drawers and two sliding doors. If all goes to plan the doors will be about 30" wide and 20" tall out of quarter sawn white oak. The picture he showed me had teak doors with the grain running vertical.

I am concerned that if I glue up the doors with the grain running vertical they may not remain flat over time and bind in the grooves and not slide well. I have a vacuum bag and could veneer the doors onto Baltic birch plywood.

It occurred to me while typing the questions I could orient the grain horizontally and it would me much more likely to remain straight along the edge. If I can find four or five pieces seven feet long I could use them for drawer fronts and doors and make the grain continuous across the front. Hmmm.

Any thoughts?

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Doors for console questions
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