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Removing and reattaching vintage DeWalt RAS badges

Greetings all, I just joined and this is my first post.

I'm restoring a 1948 DeWalt GS RAS. I've got it completely broken down into all of it's pieces. My plan is to media blast everything and have all of the originally painted surfaces powder-coated in as close to the stock color as possible.

To do that right, I'd like to remove all of the riveted (or tacked?) on badges first. My thought was I would remove the badges by:
1. center punch the rivet head centers.
2. using a countersink, drill off the heads to the badge and remove the badge.
3. drill out the rivet remnants and,
4. then drill and tap for tiny screws to hold the badges back on again.

Has anyone removed/replaced these old badges, and if so, any tips tricks or suggestions would be very appreciated.


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