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Want opinions on finishing inside of shop

Mike in Zuni VA
Looking for advice here. First some background. Finally got a new shop built about a year ago. It is a two story building, 30' X 40' downstairs and 26' X 40' upstairs with a 10' wide lean-to on the south side. On the west end I have an 8' X 10' roll up door and a 3' personnel door with a 10' sliding barn door on the south side (under the lean-to). I have windows on the north, west, and south walls with the stair well on the east wall. The ceiling is 9' 3" except where two steel beams go across the shop. Near the east end there is a 5' X 5' opening in the ceiling along the center-line of the building. This is for a "platform lift" for the upstairs. The platform lift will have a spring-loaded hatch cover underneath that will seal the opening when the hoist is stowed in the upper position.

Hopefully, I will have the shop wired in the next month; if I can get a electrician that says he wants to do the job, to show up. The building will have its own 200 amp service with 20 amp receptacles every 4'-6' and numerous 220 volt 20 and 30 amp receptacles throughout. The smallest wire gauge to be used will 12 gauge. Receptacles will be mounted to the ceiling for lights with switches for 3 bays. I plan on having Mitsubishi mini splits for heating and cooling downstairs.

Now for the questions. What do I use to cover the walls downstairs? I am looking at 1/2' plywood or OSB painted an eggshell white or white ship lap. I am strongly considering the ship lap for its ease of installation by myself. Also, I can easily pre-paint all prior to installation. I can mill the ship lap myself. What do you recommend and why? After the wiring, I will install the insulation myself. I know some years back, Dominion Power was recommending the installation of 6 mil poly before putting up interior wall coverings. Is this still a recommendation? I plan on using 1/4" luan or similar for the ceiling. I have seen when ceilings are put up they nail 1" X 4" strapping (don't know if this the right term) at right angles to the ceiling joist on 16" centers. Do I need to do this? Do I need to insulate the space between first and second floors? Eventually the upstairs will be conditioned space. I plan on having the building plumbed for air. I am looking at the kits that Northern sells. The contain a flexible pipe and what I consider a "shark bite" type of fittings; all designed for pneumatic applications Would you put it in the walls or mount on the walls or would consider something different?

I am open for any all additional suggestion or ideas. What did you do that worked and what do wish you had done differently?

Thanks for taking the time to read and give me your input.

Mike in Zuni, VA

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