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Exact 4' level parts

Mike L
Howdy All

I have an Exact model MPO 48. I have had it since the late 80's. Soon after I bought it an old girl friend tossed my hammer off the passenger seat, to behind the sea and broke the center glass in front of the vile. I replaced the glass and vile at that time with a piece of window glass, and reset the vile in window glaze. Fast forward to last year. I went to use it and noticed the level was lying. I looked at it, and I can see the vile has come loose again. Now my questions are

How do I get the old glazing off?

Is there a place I could buy the original vile holder? Or just use window glazing again?

I was in the Navy at the time working in a calibration lab so when I set the vile back I had it on a floating granite table to make sue it was right, how do I do it now?

Thanks Mike

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