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Machine cut dovetails on long board question?

Barry Irby
My son wants a media console about 7' long and 30" tall made of air dried oak. The oak will be fumed.

I was thinking of using dovetails to join the ends to the top. I am not skilled enough to do hand cut DT's. I have a 24" wide Leigh Jig. In reading the book it appears both pieces are inserted into the front of the jig vertically. The problem is the top will be 7' long. I would have to support the jig that far above the floor and then set the router on top of it and then use a ladder to get up there to operate it.

(I did this before on a toy box about four feet long and used a step stool to make the cut.)

Anyone know a good way to do this by inserting the top horizontally into the jig? (It appears you can use the horizontal clamp to do rabbeted drawer fronts)

Or would it be better to turn the jig 90 degrees and hold the router horizontally?

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