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Making is not Designing- Ian Kirby

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
A provocative article by Ian Kirby appeared in June Woodshop News (free for the asking). I think the article was stimulated by his objection to the the rules of the "design" competition at IWF. He makes the case this competition is show and tell, not a design competition, and judging arbitrary.

He begins by describing the clear boundary between designing something and making it. He goes on, "While magazines have done an excellent job of describing the making process, they have done nothing to explain ....the design process".

He continues that "making" is in a good state in the US, that is to say people are making nice stuff here, aided by magazines and classes. The remaining step is to teach these makers how to design stuff to make, by some means. Magazines and classes come to mine.

I yearn for this training. Unsure how big the market is though for furniture design training at the hobby level. It could begin with the magazines encouraging authors to reveal how the plans they are working from came to be. Classes where a project is made could spend some time on describing the design attributes of the project to be made. Is it not done for lack of interest by the reader or student, or lack or recognizing an interest to be exploited?

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