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VOC requirements relaxing in CA?

I occasionally use ML Campbell solvent based products and could never get their slow reducer 2 (not CA VOC compliant) and a few months ago it showed up in the store.

Also, over the past few years I noticed the mineral spirits sold in the home centers caused oil based paint (i.e. Ben Moore alkyd SI) to dry very dull among other problems. I googled the mineral spirits product name + SDS and discovered it was 90% methanol which probably explains the difficulty. Eventually they labelled it mineral spirits substitute but I think they were adulterating it long before this.

I just bought a gallon of jasco mineral spirits and it seems to be the real deal, SDS says 100% Hydrotreated light distillate (petroleum) although the can part number is not on the SDS so cant be sure.

Anyone notice this?

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VOC requirements relaxing in CA?
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