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OT - has anyone ever clearcoated primer?

Tim Greif - West of Chicago
I know the question seems strange. I want to paint an atrium style door going out to my deck that is presently stained and poly coated. I had to rebuild the door at the bottom rail due to rotting of the rail piece, resulting in new wood and some bondo use. So now the door needs to be painted. I like the look of a sprayed finish and want oil base for durability. We recently had our kitchen redone in a weathered grey stain and trim. I'm having very little luck finding an oil based rattle can finish that is a close match to the cabinets and trim. However, it seems there are all kinds of oil based primer in many shades of grey. So I'm thinking, just find the primer in the color I want and then just clearcoat it with a satin poly or alkyd spray. Is this a nutty idea?

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