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OT Garage floor painting

Mike L
Howdy all. The end of March a very large Red Oak tree decided I needed a new garage roof and trusses etc. The tree was 30 inches at the base and rotted in the center like most Red Oaks here. Anyway after replacing all the trusses on garage, and roofing on the house and garage, now we are at the interior. Sheetrock should be done Friday. I have this weekend and a few days next week to paint the floor. The garage is 30 by 40 so 1200 sqft. I was looking at Seal Krete single part epoxy paint.

I know I have to use a good concrete etch, but should I put a water barrier paint down first? Anybody used this product with feedback?

The tree was big enough to take out 10 of the 13 trusses. I have a room above the garage that saved all my tools etc. The floor was sheeth with 1 inch thick ply and that kept the trusses from caving in. I had them replaced with 16 inch on center to make it stronger.

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