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OT: Hand Sanitizer

John McGaw
As anybody who has tried to buy the stuff will know, it is hard to find and sometimes expensive. That got me to wondering why. Consider that there are manufacturing plants in the Midwest that are able to pump out literally millions of gallons of ethanol to mix with gasoline and consider that gasoline consumption has crashed making much of this ethanol excess to needs and that a really good sanitizer could be made with 70-80% ethanol and that the common thickening agent, polyacrylic acid (there are several others that would work), doesn't seem to be overly rare. This would suggest that hand sanitizer gel should be cheap and available everywhere but that doesn't seem to be the case. Any ideas why? I'd expect to see every grocery store selling it by the gallon, BYOB.

Oh, and I keep seeing news articles about various mom-n-pop distilleries skipping their usual products and making alcohol for the purpose but the bit they could make would a like taking coals to Newcastle when compared to the possible suppliers already present.

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