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like I said....

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I find that stuff to actually be easier planing than scraping

....still beyond my pay grade. However, when you come south to preach the word of hand planing you can show me. While the center with the bold grain runs predictably one way or the other (reversed in this book match) the grain on the edges changes direction unpredictable. I can feel it with the card scraper and adjust. Some is straight up. Someone experienced with a plane may do the same kind of adjusting but I think a plane blade would bridge sever of these changes. It is veneer. A tear-out would be fatal.

In furniture building there are times when no risk is acceptable. This is priceless veneer (AKA the only pieces I have with this pattern). Of course where one's risk lies depends on experience. Mine is struggling out of novice rank.

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