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David Weaver
I find that stuff to actually be easier planing than scraping. Often the stuff that's absolutely rotten planing (like very ribboned very lightweight khaya) is also terrible scraping - no strength in the ribboning and it ends up fuzzy with a scraper.

You can experiment with various sizes of burrs and try to finish off a surface like that with a dull burr or a very thin scraper, but it can also end up being a time soak experimenting.

The very first scraper video I watched and experimented with showed filing the scraper, using an upright jig and then honing the scraper bottom and a face on three different stones. It really turned me off. I got a burr, but didn't understand controlling the factors of it right away. Using only a washita stone after a file solved that (it does all of the cutting and polishing just fine by itself, and burnishing the edge does anything left over), but the deburring wheel and buffer has made it now so that I don't fight to extract life out of a scraper that's not there.

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