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spray gun air cap leakage *PIC*

GolfSteve in Calgary
I have a SATA Minijet IV spray gun. It works fine, even with the leak at the air cap shown below. My question is that the gun has never before leaked from the location indicated by the bubbles in the photo. Is this normal? Can it be fixed? It doesn't seem to affect the spray quality (yet).

There is a small amount of air leakage from the air cap attachment threads. The bubbles formed when I spilled water over the gun to wash it. I am unable to stop the leak no matter how tight the air cap is threaded onto the gun and everything is clean.

Current project is spraying 350 LF of vertical grain fir baseboards. The rest of the renovation project was finished two years ago and I never got around to installing the baseboards. Spraying 350' of baseboards (120 ft2 surface area) in up to 14' lengths is a pain when you're working in a 20x20ft (400 ft2) shop full of tools, bicycles, and benches.

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