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storing cut-offs

I threw together a 3 1/2-sided bin 20 years ago that has sat under the wing of my cabinet saw for cut-offs, it has always been an overflowing mess in which it is nearly impossible to find anything. Additionally I have a large plastic trash can that has acted as back-up storage which takes up a lot of room. I just added a router table to my table saw and now lost some real-estate and will need to rethink storage (thinking about a box of drawers for better use of that smaller area.) I see a number of different pictures on google for storage, most of which are some elaborate wheeled rack or collection of PVC pipes, none of which look like efficient use of space. I've already got the walls lined with shelving for my different species of dimensioned lumber. I probably need to thin the herd but any home run ideas on how to support my cut-off hording habit in an efficient manor?


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