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One more shameless commerce post... *PIC*

Ellis Walentine
STANDARD WOODCENTRAL T-SHIRTS (will be 17.50 incl. shipping)
We will shortly be switching our standard T-shirts to four new colorways, and we'll be clearing out our remaining inventory of Black, Charcoal, Cardinal, and Natural at a $2.00 discount. (Sorry, can't do any better than that; we have razor-thin margins on hats.) Here are the colors we've selected as our new standards:

STANDARD WOODCENTRAL HATS (will be $16, incl. shipping)
We will also be clearing out several colors of our WoodCentral hats, but we will continue to stock four of our standards: Khaki, Hunter Green, Navy and Charcoal.

We'll be posting the clearance inventories next week and updating the WC Store to include the new colors and prices. Thanks for your forbearance and hopefully your patronage.

Ellis Walentine, Host

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