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Specialized router jig

John in NM
I've really found flush trim bits to be very useful, once you have a jig with a pattern to use.

I made this jig yesterday morning and used it to cut profiles on 37 parts in less than an hour. Although the part and the jig are very specialized, I'm posting a couple pics because the basic concept of the jig can be modified to just about any curved part - like profiling rails for Greene & Greene furniture.

Roughed out with saws:

Finished profile:

The challenge with a jig is always holding the work in it. For this one, I glued off cuts from making the part to be profiled around the part on the piece of 1/4" Baltic birch with the cut profile already made. Then I drilled and tapped 3 holes (1/4-20) along the back edge to hold the "flapper" piece that distributes screw pressure from that cross bar onto the part itself. You can just see the three black button head screws holding the flapper in this poorly exposed pic:

The flapper does two things - most importantly it provides a large friction surface to hold the part, and secondly it keeps the pressure screws from marring the part.

That board on the back of it is just a gripping surface to keep fingers away from the bit.

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