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Junk unless it costs more...

David Weaver
..I learned the hard way in a room that I floored here - strand at the local dealer was $8-$9 a square foot and regular flooring was about $6 or so. This is a regular flooring store and not bargain closeout.

Floor looked good going in, had good quality ply on the bottom and then...

...well, it's not dent resistant and the color fast quality of the finish on the top isn't great, and the kids taped some matchbox thing on one part of the floor took the tape off when I caught them at it and up came the finish with the tape (finish reacted with the tape).

I'm trying to hold my wife off so that I don't get stuck taking it all back out.

The cost of strand would've made solid hardwood more viable. House is years old and the original hardwood floors look better than the bamboo (which is only about 8 years old now).

Best part about the bamboo floor is the ply on the bottom.

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