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Drawer stops *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Something to fix how far a drawer slides into a cabinet can be simple to make and install. Inspiration comes not from what I see in modern descriptions of these stops but what I see on antiques.

A traditionally made drawer has a bottom that slides in from the back. The fact that drawers in fine furniture have been made this way for centuries suggests this design has merit. Without the bottom installed adding stops can be trivial.

Wedge the drawer in position as shown in the picture. Add some glue to a small piece of wood. Reaching through what ever opening can be arranged rub the stop up against the back of the drawer. When the glue is set add two small brads for insurance. Done, in seconds.

There are more complicated means of adding stops that could offer the satisfaction of accomplishing some more complicated, but good enough is good enough. Stops are among the last steps before delivery. At this point I am anxious to get a project out of the shop.

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