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Water drains from kitchen sink

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Water drains out of our kitchen sink......while you might not find this title exciting it could be that water runs out of your kitchen sink such that this observation is not novel. If water had not run out of your kitchen sink since Saturday the novelty of this observation would have you ecstatic and anxious to celebrate.

We begin with revelation that the sink was draining slow the past few weeks and today it has stopped. (Saturday) Wife knows how I love surprises which I suspect is why she waited till Sat to reveal this one. Saturday with no plumber available entices me to fix it.

What I have learned:

!. What grows in the sink drain is to be more feared than the Virus.

2. Lowes has more chemicals for cleaning drains than a well stocked chemical store room, including quarts of concentrated sulfuric acid!(don't go there!) I felt comforted that I was not the only person to have suffered this fate. However none of my chemical knowledge unstopped the drain. I had chemical energy for a nuclear energy job.

3. Twenty feet equals 40 feet. Plumbers don't necessarily take the shortest route. Fortunately when I was at wits end I recalled we took pictures of all the walls and ceilings before the sheet rock went on. Oh, the pipe runs AWAY from the septic tank for a while before figuring out where it is at and curling back in the correct direction by employing several elbows.

4. Snakes don't navigate an infinite number of elbows.

5. When the line begins to drain, killing everything in the line with bleach which releases all the !!@#&&%@! from the walls of the pipe is a fantastic idea........providing there is not another unknown restriction (AKA filter) between where the bleach ran out of gas and this unknown restriction.

6. The nth time you take everything apart, snake, clean up, shower in bleach, etc. it goes faster than the 1st attempt at roto rootering.

7. The smell of bleach on your hands is better than the smell of !!@#&&%@! on your hands.

8. Success is sweet,

9.THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU ONE DAY...confirmed by amount of stuff at Lowes for unclogging drains.

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