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Need plumbing help, sink drain

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The situation:

Kitchen sink

Only kitchen sink and dishwasher feeds this 2" drain to the 4" header going to septic tank;

2 bends- one from trap to wall and down this wall 5', 2nd from this wall to adjacent wall then straight 16' run to 4" header teeing to septic tank.

No other drain in house has a slow flow.

Sink has a screen that would only allow a 1/2 particle to pass. (no socks or dish rags)

Blockage seems to be past the trap.

Drainage slowed over the past 3 weeks but got much worse then largely blocked in the past 2 days.

Blockage seems to be acting like a check valve. Drains very slow. But I can pull liquid back to the sink with a plunger.

Not unblocked by drain cleaner nor hot water.

I will be taking trap off later to see what I can see. Waiting for last slug of hot water to drain out.

When I plunger the sink drain I get a small amount of sand and hard black flakes coming up into the sink. This observation is a puzzle.

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