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David Weaver grandparents on that side went to school until 8th grade. They worked for themselves for almost 60 years and never had to dull their wit to stay in line with a boss.

They enjoyed (and so did their friends) getting little digs in at each other, but the lack of a computer allowed it to be too infrequent to ever cause too much trouble.

Grandfather L always talked about working hard being the only way to have a clear mind, and one of his friends with the same first name always said when he retired, he would never lift a finger again. G-L found this very offensive - not a quality a man should have, so his friend often gave him a report about how little he'd done since their last visit. Other friends knew of this little rivalry and would call my grandfather Lute (the nickname the other guy went by) and say they got him confused with "Lute" to really set him off :)

When G-L bought a ford LTD in 1977, "Lute" bought a 1978 version the next year with just a few more options to one-up him, and he would often talk about how much nicer the 1978 was than the 1977. They both bought them in brown - G-L did first, then Lute did, too. Brown was a color they thought would never show dirt, and Lute couldn't get a different color and allow G-L to lecture him about how the color was less practical and would take more effort to keep clean.

"you know, the 1978 LTD is really the best one Ford ever made"

G-L would laugh while they were there and then say "s__s of b____s!" when they left :)

Like you say - human nature doesn't really change much. Their little rivalries were great entertainment for the rest of us.

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