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There's no need...

David Weaver
...for urban legends like that to be created, because there are branded tools coming out of china with the name "sheffield" on them.

Why bother creating a town when you can just label the tools?

There's an urban legend that a town has that name in china, but I've never seen it.

as far as the japanese thing goes, my grandfather would not buy anything japanese until the 1980s. He was getting heavy into farming when WWII broke out, and he never forgave the japanese. He used to talk about the motorcycles (zuki, zaki - never got a grasp on the entire names and it was a struggle for him to get out the last couple of syllables because it was like a foreign language to him :) ).

He was a lifetime john deere adherent who cut and split firewood in retirement to make income, and his plan was foiled when john deere rebadged echo chainsaws. He didn't like international harvester and resorted to calling their machinery "japanese imported goods" (totally false) just to peeve his friends who were brand loyal to them :)

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