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Nice windfall

David Yoho
The other day my neighbor across the street called and asked if I'd be interested in any of the wood her husband had in their garage. They recently sold their house in an effort to downsize and didn't have space for it.

I went over and looked to see what there was. Mostly a lot of scrap pine lumber and odds and ends. Nothing that I needed or wanted. Then, against one wall I noticed some half sheets of veneered plywood and luan. My lumber racks are fairly full so I told her I would have to pass.

Thinking about it overnight I decided if I could make a little room in my sheet goods rack I would take some of it. The movers came yesterday and my neighbors were back this morning still trying to clean up the last of the stuff in the garage. I backed my truck into the driveway and told her I'd changed my mind but could only take some of what was there.

I ended up with 5 half sheets of luan, one half sheet of birch ply, two half sheets of cherry, and two walnut. The veneered plywood appears to be B-B grade because the veneer seams show on both sides, where an A-B grade would only show them on the B side. No matter. I've never bought or used cherry or walnut veneered plywood but I figure it can't hurt to have a little just in case. At least the price was right!!

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