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crib to bench *PIC*

Gary Smyth

I was recently given a crib. I thought that I would make a garden bench from one arched top side and shorten the two ends. (The dipped opposite side (rear) I'll leave for a different project.) What is left to do is brace for the seat and a new front .

All will be painted and (undercover) outdoors year round. I looked into redwood, cedar, pressure treated pine and the expense and/or finish leaves me less than enthused and ready to look for other suggestions. New, similar (decent) garden benches are priced from $80-$150. I'd rather not spend more than that on a repurposed item. Would composite decking material be a reasonable alternative? I can rip 1 x 3 slats for the new “dished” seat and perhaps a 1 x 5 for the front. Any metal hardware will probably be stainless. The existing finish is sprayed white gloss. but I like the possibility of a dark green or black which might hide the different material other than what exists as the original crib. Thoughts?

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crib to bench *PIC*
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