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Question for Sgian Dubh *LINK*

Hank Knight
Richard, I'm building a desk that has large drawers. In researching drawer slips this morning, I found a wonderful thread here on WoodCentral from January 2010 which has the most thorough discussion of drawer slips and drawer construction I've seen to date, much of the information you provided (Thanks!). My drawers are 42" wide and 20" deep. I plan to use drawers slips and a center muntin to add support for the wide drawer bottoms. In the 2010 thread, you discussed center muntins and provided this construction detail:

"The muntin is dovetailed, glued and screwed into the bottom edge of the drawer front, and notched around the bottom edge of the drawer back as per one of my earlier sketches of the slip, and similarly glued and screwed in place. Slainte."

I understand notching the muntin and screwing/gluing it to the drawer back. I don't understand dovetailing and screwing it into the drawer front. Is the strength of a screwed dovetail joint necessary here? Why not simply glue a tenon onto the groove plowed into the drawer front just like the side slips? Would you (or anyone else) mind elaborating on this construction detail?

Thanks in advance.


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