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Making friends with my Festool saw....

Barry Irby
I have accumulated a few Festool tools over the last couple of years by buying them at estate sales and auctions. (Great tools, still can't stand the price). I got an older track saw. I say it's older because it does not have a detachable cord. I also got the top for an MFT and mounted it on a roll around cart in my shop. A friend made me some aluminum pegs 20mm in diameter with a bolt in the end. The head of the bolts will slide into the slot on the bottom of the track. Yesterday I needed to cut off the ends of a top I glued up for a chest I am working on. Laid it on the cart, pressed against to short pegs and installed the rail. Ran a shallow cut across the piece to avoid splintering and then cut it off. Worked beautifully. Easy Peasy.

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Making friends with my Festool saw....
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