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Looking for a particular screw/bolt

Johanna Johanson
I bought a couple of small ring pulls. The machine screws for them are an inch long - too long for the 1/2 inch drawer fronts. I sawed off a quarter of an inch with a hack saw and smoothed the end with a file. I have done two so far and will need to do six more for the little chests I am currently building. I really like those little chests and will probably make more in the future. Accordingly, I tried to find shorter screws with the same diameter (they are #4s) and thread count but was unsuccessful. I thought McFeely's would surely have something I could use, but no luck there. I tried googling - no one seems to make the size I want. Bummer. Guess I'll keep sawing them off unless someone has a lead on a place where I can obtain them.

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