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Barry Irby
The dovetails were cut with a Leigh jig. I use it just often enough to be bad at it. Actually "bad" is a bit dramatic. Lets say less than excellent. I bought the jig from a friend and I also got two routers from a different source. I leave them set up and ready to go. Now what I need to do is standardize the thickness of the material and I would. be good to go.

One "problem" I ran into is the two routers are identical. In flipping and flopping the jig back and forth from pins to tails I picked up the wrong router for one part. Ended up with one really odd looking part. Remade it. I solved that problem by color coding the jig and routers with blue tape.

The drawers are graduated. Three 3" ones, a pair of 4" ones and one each 5", 6", 7" and 8". Having two routers simplifies the resetting of the jig for various widths, but not having to change the router bits.

I will remake the drawer.

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