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Re: Opinions of Microjig clamps......

Barry Irby
I agree with William. I have several similar clamps and find more and more uses for them. I have the Festool ones also. Very useful. Clamping an auxiliary fence to the TS fence has been nice. Going to have to try them in dovetail slots the way Microjig promotes.

I also have some similar clamps made by Makita. They are slightly sturdier. Just enough thicker that they won't go through the holes in the MFT (20mm holes in a 3/4" top), at least not without a fight. I think they will work in the Festool track. I bought some track second hand and the guy gave me the clamps. They don't get as much use as the Festool ones.

What I wish I had is the Festool clamps with the lever handle. Looks quick and easy. There's a small learning curve with the screw handles.

As far as the JMP, Interesting but too much money. About a $1000 for the base model and twice that for the fully blown version is way past my impulse purchase point. Still, Interesting and on the right project, could be a game changer.

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