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Re: Opinions of Microjig clamps......

William Duffield
I find the clamps quite useful and very versatile around my shop. They are quick to attach and stay out of the way much better than most other clamps. Mine are from Festool. In addition to sliding the end of the clamp into the end of a T-track, you can drop it into a 1/2" diameter hole. I find this application especially useful for clamping auxiliary fences to my tablesaw fence. If you find the standard clamps still get in your way, you might consider using these instead.

I haven't tried them yet, but they might solve the next clamping problem I run into.

Note that these clamps work just fine in Festool MFT table tops for clamping things down to a 3/4" or thinner top through any dog hole by dropping the end of the clamp into the hole and turning it 90°, but there isn't enough clearance to make the turn in much thicker material. If you have a thick bench top, you will have to clamp via an extruded aluminum or routed t-track.

Sorry, I don't have access to any of my pics pf jigs and fixtures utilizing these tonight.

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